Motorcycle Expert Witness Testimony / Crash Reconstruction Expert Witness

Knowledge, Skill, Experience, Training & Education

Although definitions vary, an “expert witness” is a witness who has knowledge beyond that of the ordinary layperson enabling him/her to give testimony regarding an issue. Typically the issue at hand is a technical one.

By his knowledge, skill, experience, training and education, Erin Higinbotham, P.E. has been qualified to provide expert testimony in multiple state and federal courts. Erin has testified on over 80 occasions in deposition, trial, arbitration and court hearings.

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He has been found qualified by the court system to provide testimony as a:

  • Motorcycle Expert Witness
  • Crash Reconstruction Expert Witness/Accident Reconstruction Expert Witness
  • Vehicle Engineering Expert
  • Motorcycle Operation Expert
  • Mechanical Engineering Expert

Since 2006, Erin has provided testimony in Ohio, Indiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois, Connecticut, Kentucky, Michigan, Texas, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Maryland, South Carolina, Colorado, Virginia, Maine, New Mexico, Iowa, Louisiana and Wisconsin.

Erin’s expert testimony for casework has included use of demonstrative evidence. This demonstrative evidence has included animations, onboard video, scale diagrams, photographs, vehicles and vehicle components. He has used this demonstrative evidence to compliment his testimony and simplify concepts. For example, many jurors are not familiar with motorcycles or motorcycle operation. As a motorcycle expert witness, Erin has used demonstrative evidence and exhibits to explain items on motorcycles. Some of these items that can be explained to a jury are overall motorcycle operation, motorcycle dynamics, motorcycle brake operation, motorcycle throttle operation, motorcycle defects, motorcycle repair and motorcycle maintenance.

Motorcycle Expert

830 Engineering’s president, Erin Higinbotham, P.E., is a motorcycle expert. Having owned and operated hundreds of motorcycles over the years, Erin is an authority on the design, operation, maintenance and repair of motorcycles. He can assemble a motorcycle from scratch and his mechanical skills enable thorough mechanical inspections of motorcycles. Erin has over 40 years of experience with the operation, design and maintenance of both on and off-road motorcycles and can provide expert inspection and analysis on motorcycles.
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