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Product Liability Investigation

Manufacturing & Design Defects

830 Engineering can complete a product liability investigation for a motorcycle or all terrain vehicle (ATV). A product liability investigation typically is related to a respective component on the motorcycle or ATV, but it can also be related to an operational characteristic. The analysis can determine if a manufacturing defect or design defect was a cause of the crash.
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These product liability investigations on a motorcycle or ATV can be for items such as:

  • Braking Characteristics Related to Design or Modifications
  • Handling Characteristics Related to Design or Modifications
  • Throttle Operation
  • Motorcycle Driveline Components and Guarding
  • Motorcycle Chassis Components such as Wheels and Suspensions
  • Motorcycle Accessories such as Saddlebags and Cargo Equipment
  • Motorcycle Lamps such as Integrated Taillights and Signals
  • ATV Accessories such as Bumpers and Racks

These product liability investigations often include exemplar testing, analysis of the use by the operator and consideration of a typical product’s failure mode effects analysis (FMEA). In the circumstance of a product or component failure that is being investigated as related to a crash, 830 Engineering can complete a failure analysis. This failure analysis will determine if the component caused the crash or the component’s post-crash condition was a result of the crash. If the component failure caused the crash, we will determine whether that failure was caused by a design defect, manufacturing defect, use of the product or other related matter.

830 Engineering’s principal, Erin Higinbotham P.E., is qualified to provide expert testimony for the product liability investigation of a motorcycle or ATV. He has owned and operated hundreds of motorcycles over the years. Erin is an authority on the design, operation, maintenance and repair of motorcycles. He can assemble a motorcycle from scratch and has mechanical skills which enable thorough mechanical inspections. Erin has over 35 years of experience with the operation, design and maintenance of both on and off-road motorcycles and can provide expert inspection and analysis.

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