Testing & Analysis:

Improper Motorcycle Repair Claims / Improper Vehicle Service Claims

Over 20 Years of Automotive Engineering Experience

830 Engineering’s roots are hands-on gained from years of mechanical projects, both professionally and as a passion. These mechanical projects have included working in a engine and powertrain laboratory, hundreds of forensic inspections and motorcycle racing.  Because of this, 830 Engineering can provide expert forensic engineering for determining if a crash was caused by a mechanical issue. These mechanical issues can include improper motorcycle maintenance, improper motorcycle repair, improper motorcycle modifications, improper vehicle maintenance and improper vehicle repairs. We will determine whether the crash was caused due to improper motorcycle repair, improper vehicle repair or an issue unrelated to the repairs/maintenance.
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An investigation regarding improper motorcycle repair claims or improper vehicle repair claims can include:

  • Vehicle Inspection and Disassembly
  • Review of Service Records and Maintenance Records
  • Failure Analysis of Components
  • Exemplar Vehicle Testing
  • Dynamometer Testing of Incident Vehicle
  • Fuel and Oil Analysis Testing

Our analysis will determine if a motorcycle repair or vehicle repair was improper and related to crash causation. 830 Engineering’s principal, Erin Higinbotham P.E., is qualified to provide expert testimony as related to improper motorcycle repair claims, improper motorcycle maintenance claims, improper vehicle repair claims and improper vehicle maintenance claims. He has repaired and serviced hundreds of motorcycles and vehicles over the years. Erin has over 20 years of automotive engineering experience, including vehicle service and maintenance.

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