Crash-Related Forensic Engineering

Investigations coast to coast in the United States related to personal injury and property loss claims involving motorcycles and other vehicles.

Forensic Engineering is defined as:

Forensic Engineering is defined as “The application of the art and science of engineering in matters which are in, or may possibly relate to, the jurisprudence system, inclusive of alternative dispute resolution.”

Motorcycle Crash & Reconstruction Expert

Erin Higinbotham Racing

Erin Higinbotham, P.E – Forensic Engineer

830 Engineering’s president, Erin Higinbotham, P.E., is a motorcycle and vehicle expert. Having owned and operated hundreds of motorcycles over the years, Erin is an authority on the design, operation, maintenance and repair of motorcycles, and can assemble a motorcycle from scratch. He has been a licensed motorcycle roadracer since 2001, winning national championships in 2003 and 2006 with the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA). He has completed vehicle testing for motorcycle/automobile manufacturers and industry consortiums while working at a vehicle proving grounds facility.
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Erin has over 35 years experience with on and off-road motorcycle operation. He is able to apply his real world and professional experience to accident and crash investigations, completion of crash reconstruction, evaluation of motorcyclist’s operator actions, analysis of failed vehicle components, maintenance and repair investigations, product liability investigations, and completion of vehicle testing. Erin investigates motorcycle, scooter, dirt bike, trike, ATV and automobile-related matters for defense or plaintiff counsel and insurance companies. These investigations can be as a testifying expert or as a consultant.
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Crash-Related Forensic Engineering Services

Inspections of Crash Vehicles, Crash Sites & Failed Components

Erin completes detailed inspections of crash vehicles, crash sites and failed components. He combines and analyzes this information to complete a crash reconstruction to determine impact speeds, travel speeds, points of impact and the causes for the crash. This work takes him from the computer (doing engineering) to the motorcycle seat (completing testing and collecting onboard video).
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Erin completes investigations coast to coast in the United States related to personal injury and property loss claims involving motorcycles and other vehicles. Erin has been found qualified by state and federal courts to provide testimony as a mechanical engineer, motorcycle expert, vehicle expert and crash reconstruction expert.