Testing & Analysis:

Motorcycle Testing, ATV Testing & Light Duty Vehicle Testing

Investigation & Evaluation

830 Engineering can complete motorcycle testing, ATV testing and light duty vehicle testing as related to either a crash investigation or as an engineering evaluation. This testing can also be completed on vehicle components, vehicle accessories, vehicle lamps and aftermarket replacement parts. This testing can include on-road testing, off-road testing, dynamometer testing and bench testing. 830 Engineering’s motorcycle expert, Erin Higinbotham, has experience completing motorcycle testing and product testing for vehicle manufacturers/industry while working at an automotive proving ground.  He has also completed extensive motorcycle testing and ATV testing that has been used in prior investigations and casework.
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The area of research of this testing can include, but is not limited to items such as:

  • Effect of Motorcycle Modifications
  • Effect of Improper Motorcycle Repairs
  • Effect of Improper Vehicle Repairs
  • Motorcycle Braking Performance
  • Motorcycle Handling and Performance Evaluation
  • Vehicle Parts/Accessories Performance and Durability
  • Visibility Analysis
  • Collection of On-Board Video of Vehicle Operation

For testing that requires a closed course, 830 Engineering has access to several closed course facilities for completion of on and off-road testing.  Data and demonstrative evidence is typically collected during vehicle testing using a Racelogic VBOX GPS Datalogger, High-Resolution Onboard Video and High-Resolution Stationary Video.  The reasons for motorcycle or ATV testing are diverse and 830 Engineering can structure testing to suit a particular investigation or evaluation.

Motorcycle Expert

830 Engineering’s president, Erin Higinbotham, P.E., is a motorcycle expert. Having owned and operated numerous motorcycles over the years, Erin is an authority on the design, operation, maintenance and repair of motorcycles. He can assemble a motorcycle from scratch and his mechanical skills enable thorough mechanical inspections of motorcycles. Erin has over 35 years of experience with the operation, design and maintenance of both on and off-road motorcycles and can provide expert inspection and analysis on motorcycles.
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